Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fuzzy Juice (updated)

I really like drinking this new EmergenC "Pink" drink. It's fizzy and good and tastes like pink lemonade. Half the proceeds go to breast cancer research, so of course the celebrities are all on board with it. Recently I also found an EmergenC drink that is just for kids. It has 500 mg of vitamin C, whilst the adult version has 1,000. Jack Henry loves it. He calls it "Fuzzy Juice."

Addendum to this post! Jack Henry gets hives from the Fuzzy Juice. It's not longer an option at our house. Back to the gummy vitamins. BTW I'm still drinking the pink drink.

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Jessica said...

I was introduced to EmergenC by my flight attendant best friend. She brought them with her when we traveled to Paris this fall -- the cranberry flavor -- and it helped us keep our energy and fight getting sick from our fast-paced travels. Love the stuff! The pink looks good, if I am cleared to still take it, I may have to look into it!

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