Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stubborn is Good

I just discovered an eye pencil that's as stubborn as I am. It's from MAC and the color is, not surprisingly, "stubborn brown." It stays on all day, through my long commute, insanely busy workday, evening workout and equally long drive home. My old eye pencil used to smudge and slide off by lunch. Not this one, no sirree.

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CK1 said...

This may save me. I relied for years on a pencil from Body Shop for years -- went on smoothly and never budged. When I briefly moved to a town that didn't have Body Shop, I stocked up, just in case. Then they decided to reformulate all their products. Utter, smudgy disaster.

Another thing that I swear by, being the founding member of the Greasy Eyelid Guild, is Clinique's Touch Base. It comes in lots of colors, but Canvas is my favorite -- very nice neutral.

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